FuFann's Chocolate Syrup was awarded 2 stars by iTQi

Through the internationally renowned Michelin certification in the food industry, FuFann's chocolate syrup has received high praise from professional chefs, sommeliers, and beverage experts for its smooth and rich texture, the perfect balance of flavors, and a chocolate aroma that is not overly sweet and heavy on the palate.

The rich Fukumura chocolate syrup comes in a streamlined bottle that is convenient for dispensing. It can be used to make various cold and hot drinks, and desserts, and as a topping. Its thick texture can also be used to create latte art, making it an essential chocolate flavoring for food and beverage professionals.

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The International Taste Institute (iTQi), located in Brussels, Belgium, is an annual award for brands' food and beverage flavor quality. The product evaluation is conducted by a panel of professional chefs, sommeliers, and beverage experts who taste the products. Products that meet or exceed the judges' expectations in terms of flavor quality (as reflected in the scores given by judges based on sensory analysis indicators for the product) are awarded corresponding levels of medals. The establishment of the award aims to raise consumer awareness of the flavor quality of food and beverage products and promote the promotion of high-quality and delicious products. In recent years, iTQi has been listed as one of the world's top four gourmet awards, along with the Belgian Monde Selection, Dutch A.A. Taste Awards, and UK Great Taste Awards.